Chinese Independent School of Tower Hamlets - in association with Chinese Independent School of London

2019/2020 academic year begins on 14th September 
The commencement of the next academic year is 14th September. If you would like to register before the commencement of the next academic year, please visit the school on Saturday from 11th May until 15th June 2019. 

You can also visit the School office at the Chinese Association of Tower Hamlets (CATH) during the summer break (24th June to 31st August 2019). Alternatively, you can send in postal enrolment and cheque made payable to "Chinese Independent School of Tower Hamlets".
Please note the postal address as follows:
c/o 680 Commercial Road, London E14 7HA
Telephone number: 0207 515 5598 
(Closed on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday)
Please note: Due to high demand for some classes, we cannot guarantee places will still be available after the new term begins. We strongly advise parents to your child prior to September in order to secure a place. However, should this not be possible, we will accept your application but regrettably, be unable to pro-rata the fee. 

** In order to plan ahead, dealing with all aspects of administrative work and to ensure a smooth start to the new academic year, we will no longer be enrolling students from 1st September 2019. Therefore, any existing and new students must complete enrolment by 31st August 2019 

2019/2020 學年開學日期:9月14  

亦可以在暑假期間到本校位於東倫敦華人協會的辦公月註冊 (6月24日至8月31日),或郵寄註冊表及支票到以下地址。支票抬頭請註明 : 
"Chinese Independent School of 
Tower Hamlets".
c/o 680 Commercial Road, London E14 7HA 
查詢電話: 0207 515 5598 (周二、周四和周日休息) 

** 為了安排新學年的工作,本校將在九月一日後不再接受新生或舊生註冊。因此, 無論新生或舊生必須在九月前辦理註冊手續。如有不便之處,懇請家長見諒!