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Dear parents, teachers and students,


As we came to the end of this academic year, reflecting on the past year, we have weathered the ups and downs of each Saturday to finally arrive at this graduation ceremony. We take immense pride in the progress and achievements we have made together.


Throughout the year, we organized school-wide calligraphy hand writing, composition essay competition, and reading contest competitions. In particular, our GCSE students, Fei Yang and Xianyong Huang, participated in the World Chinese Composition Competition and achieved remarkable success, earning third and second prizes respectively. In the UKAPCE 21st Reading Contest Competition, our students, Michael Zheng in Mandarin GCSE class gained silver award, and Zirui Yan, Tiffany Kexin Lin, Moxi Sun received Certificate of performance. Congratulations to them.


This year, we have received tremendous support from various sectors of society, for which we are deeply grateful. First and foremost, we express our heartfelt thanks to the China National Foundation for Chinese Language Education, which generously donation to support the school's development and growth. Additionally, we must acknowledge the generous support of the Chinese Embassy, which collaborated with the Chinese school to organize the Spring Festival celebration, allowing teachers and students to experience traditional Chinese culture and savor Chinese delicacies. The Embassy also donated books and materials to the school, and most recently, contributed exquisite handicrafts from China's folk artists.


We also extend sincere thanks to JPF for their substantial support. Five students from our GCSE class received JPF's Achievement Awards this year. Furthermore, Teacher Yanping Chen was honored with JPF's Leader Award, and our Dragon Dance Club received support from JPF.


We express our heartfelt gratitude to the parents and friends for their understanding and support. It is through your diligent companionship that our students have been able to persevere and reach this point.


We thank our teachers for their hard work, dedication, and nurturing, which have enabled our students to flourish and shine. To our students, we appreciate your active cooperation and diligent studies. Without your efforts, our endeavors would be in vain.


Finally, we must give special thanks to our most important group of individuals, our volunteers and teaching assistants. It is their silent dedication and selfless contributions, sacrificing their own rest time every Saturday to support our work at the Chinese school. Let us offer them the warmest applause and deepest gratitude they deserve!


May each graduating student bravely forge ahead on their future path, face challenges courageously, and create their own brilliance!


May everyone enjoy your deserved holiday!


See you in September!

Yours sincerely,

Mr Zhang




2024-2025 Year 

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  • First day of new year will be  on 14th September 2024 at our campus(St Mary and St Michael Primary School)


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