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School Events

The 2022-2023 Year -- We are going back to our campus! Our Chinese classes will start at 10 am Saturday, and GCSE and A Level classes will begin at 9.30 am Saturday.

St Mary and St Michael Primary School Campus

2022-2023 育華中文學校校曆 CISTH School Calendar

Cantonese / Mandarin

School Holidays 2022-2023

School Holidays Starts Finishes

  • First Day of School 17 Sep 2022
  • Autumn Half Term Holidays 24 Oct 2022(Mon) 28 Oct 2022(Fri)
  • Christmas Holidays 21 Dec 2022(Wed) 2 Jan 2023(Mon)
  • Spring Half Term Holidays 13 Feb 2023(Mon) 17 Feb 2023(Fri)
  • Spring Holidays 3 Apr 2023(Mon) 14 Apr 2023(Fri)
  • Summer Half Term Holidays 29 May 2023(Mon) 2 Jun 2023(Fri)